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Speed Gear (Speeder XP)


Speed Gear (Speeder XP) - Speed Up Computer, Speed Up PC, Speed Up Windows System, Speed Up software, Speed Up Games....

Speed Gear (Speeder XP) is a fantastic tool to speed up games. It can speed up almost all the games. Speed Gear is simple, you press an easily accessible hotkey to speed your games up, down or to the place you feel most comfortable with.

It will give you brand new experience while playing games. For example; with this program you can slow down the action games so that you can see the bullet's flight line and avoid it easily.

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Feature List:

Speed Up Computer

  • Speed Up Computer

Speed Up Windows System

  • Speed Up Windows 98
  • Speed Up Windows 98 Second Edition
  • Speed Up Windows NT
  • Speed Up Windows Millennium
  • Speed Up Windows 2000
  • Speed Up Windows XP
  • Speed Up Windows 2003
  • Speed Up Windows Vista
  • Speed Up Windows 7

Speed Up Internet Connection

  • Speed Up Modem
  • Speed Up Dsl
  • Speed Up Dial Up
  • Speed Up Downloads
  • Speed Up Internet Explorer

Speed Up Software

  • Speed Up Kazaa
  • Speed Up Edonkey, Edonkey2000
  • Speed Up ICQ, ICQ4, ICQ Pro 2003b
  • Speed Up LimeWire
  • Speed up iMesh
  • Speed Up IE
  • Speed Up ....

Speed Up Games

  • Speed Up Game Golf
  • Speed UP WOW
  • Speed Up Counter-Strike (Half-Life)
  • Speed Up WarCraft III
  • Speed Up Need For Speed
  • Speed Up Flash Games
  • Speed Up ....

And Much Much More...


Feature Keywords:

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