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Speed Gear (Speeder XP)


Speed Gear 6 - Speed Hack Software

Speed Gear 7

PC Speed Hack Software, Hack Windows Speed, Hack Game Speed

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Why Choose Speed Gear 7:

One of the earliest Windows speed hack software

We published our Speed Gear (formerly called Brothers Speeder, Speeder XP) software and accelerator arithmetic right after the first Windows virus CIH code was published. Most Windows speed hack programs on the market are based on our accelerator arithmetic.

Special 'linearity-accelerate" technology

Our new "linearity-accelerate" technology makes the Windows system's speed smoothly slides from one speed to another speed.

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Unlimited accelerator range

Unlimited accelerator range in theory. No limited accelerator range like "2x, 3x, 4x...". The maximum speed only depends on how fast your CPU can run.

Developed by super big game fans

We have tested Speed Gear software with hundreds of games. We adjust speeder arithmetic to make Speed Gear fit for all kinds of games.



Speed Up Computer

  • Speed Up Computer
  • Speed Up Old PC

Speed Up Windows System

  • Speed Up Windows 98
  • Speed Up Windows 98 Second Edition
  • Speed Up Windows NT
  • Speed Up Windows Millennium
  • Speed Up Windows 2000
  • Speed Up Windows XP
  • Speed Up Windows 2003
  • Speed Up Windows Vista
  • Speed Up Windows 7

Speed Up Internet Connection

  • Speed Up Modem
  • Speed Up Dsl
  • Speed Up Dial Up
  • Speed Up Downloads
  • Speed Up Internet Explorer

Speed Up Software

  • Speed Up Kazaa
  • Speed Up Edonkey, Edonkey2000
  • Speed Up ICQ, ICQ4, ICQ Pro 2003b
  • Speed Up LimeWire
  • Speed up iMesh
  • Speed Up IE

Speed Up Games

  • Speed Up Game Golf
  • Speed UP WOW
  • Speed Up Counter-Strike (Half-Life)
  • Speed Up WarCraft III
  • Speed Up Need For Speed
  • Speed Up Flash Games
  • Speed Up Online Games

And more...


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